The Best Reasons To Choose The Toughest Outdoor Cell Phones

Cell phone technology has made the world a lot easier, especially for people working outdoors. In the past, calling home to see if you needed to drop in at the grocer when you get off from work meant finding a pay phone. Today, calling home is fast and easy, even if you are on a tractor digging ditches for utilities lines with both hands, or if you are high on a scaffold on a steel frame structure. [Read More]

Security And Alarm Systems: A Perfect Synergy Between Customer Needs And New Technology

Sales in alarm systems have been on the rise over the last few years. Whereas in the past home security systems were only for the very wealthy, now they are a common purchase for the average property owner. Security and alarm systems have become more sophisticated, too. While new technology has had a big influence on the industry, the special needs of customers have been a driving factor, as well. Here's a look at different types of consumers that illustrate the variety available in alarm systems. [Read More]