Improving The Voice Quality Of Business Phone Systems

If the voice quality of your business phone system is poor, what can you do? The voice quality of a business phone system can feel fairly mysterious. Many IT professionals may not want to touch it because it's technically an issue with the phone system itself, while the phone service may not be able to detect any problems. But there are some things that you may want to troubleshoot if you find that your business phone systems are soft, grainy, or often interrupted. 

Updating Your Firmware

Nearly all equipment has firmware -- and this firmware is updated over time to compensate for new technology. Your switch, router, PBX, and other equipment may not have been updated in some time, and as such may be running older technology that isn't ideal for your system. Your IT professional should be able to log into these devices and manually update them. This is also good for security.

Upgrading the PBX System

Your PBX system (private branch exchange) is what controls all of the calls in your office, assuming that you're using a traditional telephone system rather than VoIP (voice-over-IP) protocols. PBX systems can last a long time, but they do become outdated within a few years. If you've increased the load on your internal business phone system, it may simply be that your PBX system is no longer suited to your volume.

Getting a Faster Connection

If you don't use a PBX system but instead use VoIP, it's also possible you don't have enough bandwidth. In many business systems, both data and voice run along the same lines; if a lot of data is being transferred regularly, voice quality may suffer. In these situations you may need to either prioritize voice over data or get a faster connection altogether.

Checking the Wiring

Sometimes it can be as simple as the wiring in your office. Over time, wiring can become loose -- and when it's first installed, the wiring could be longer or more convoluted than necessary. It's often worth it to have your internal IT team check the wiring throughout your office to look for signal loss or physical issues. If your phone service is saying that the problem is on your end, this is one of the better bets.

The quality of your business phone systems can put a damper on your internal productivity and your external communications with your clients. This means that it's often not an optional problem to fix. If you continue experiencing poor voice quality, it may be time to call your phone service technicians down for an on-site meeting.

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