Hear The Sound All Around Or Feel The Sound? Two Types Of Home Audio Integration To Consider

Currently, there are two types of home audio integration. The first just moves the sound from room to room and speaker to speaker so that you hear it all around you. The second remains in one room, but pulses the vibrations through the walls so you can feel what you're listening to rather than just hearing it. Here is a little bit more about both of these kinds of audio technology for you to consider and why you may prefer one to the other.

Feel the Music

Why would you want to feel the reverberations of your music? Well, if you are like most people who like to crank the bass on their speakers in their cars, it is because you want to feel the vibrations as they rattle through your body. The technology for this type of home audio allows you to turn the bass down but still feel the music in all the walls of your home. The stereo speakers are directly built into the main supports of your home so that when sound comes through the speakers, the vibrations move through your home''s main support beams and is diffused, like an echo, through the surrounding walls. If you want something to compare it to, it is akin to living over a nightclub.

Hear It All Around

This latest sound technology moves your music from speaker to speaker throughout the house. You can command where the music is moved to simply by activating the voice commands while a speaker/receiver is within range of your voice (usually a few feet). The music stops playing in the room you were in a few minutes ago, and begins playing in the room you now occupy. This is very handy for anyone that does not like to interrupt what they are doing to go down to the stereo and switch or change things up. Some of the higher end models of this sound system operate with the use of a smartphone too, which makes the whole room-switching thing even easier because the system locates you via your phone's WiFi.

Special Considerations

If you or a family member are deaf, then the "feel the sound" technology would be an excellent choice for your house. The person with the inability to hear can then feel the music's rhythm and beat this way, and maybe enjoy some of the music that is played. While not yet available, it may one day be possible to combine these two home audio systems into one so that a person who is deaf can transfer the music from room to room and still be able to feel the music without hearing it too.

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