Three Home Theater Sound Mistakes To Avoid

Having a theater in your home is a dream. However, this is only the case when done correctly. A home theater with significant sound issues isn't exactly enjoyable. Fortunately, most sound issues can easily be avoided by steering clear of several key mistakes. Make sure you know what to do.

Poor Sound Balance

With any home theater, the goal is to feel like you're actually a part of the movie; you want to feel like you're in the moment. If your sound isn't balanced, this goal is harder to achieve. For example, rear speakers that are louder than front speakers is one example of poor sound balance.

Unfortunately, simply adjusting the balance setting on the receiver or utilizing an auto setup feature isn't always the solution. First, proper installation is important to balanced sound and even with proper placement, calibration is generally required by a professional.  

Going Too Large

You don't just want sound; you want big sound. However, if you choose a system that's too large for your theater space, you'll have poor quality, distorted sound. When selecting an audio system, the first factor to consider is the size of the space. As a general rule, the larger the space, the larger the audio system.

However, this isn't the only factor. How the room is insulated, where in the home the theater is located and even the type of furniture that will be used in the room all factor in. Given the complexity of this decision, it's often best to rely on the assistance of a professional.

Not Choosing Channel Settings Wisely

Home theater audio systems can be purchased with varying channel settings, such as 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1. The channel setting refers to the quality of the sound produced by the system. Compatibility is most important when it comes to avoiding a mistake in this area. Consider a theater DVD system, for example.

If the DVD system only supports 5.1 audio and your speaker system is a 7.1 unit, you will still only hear 5.1 audio. In this case, paying extra money for the higher channel setting is basically a waste because you won't be able to actually enjoy it unless you make additional upgrades to your existing equipment. Always consider the channel setting of your other system components.

Great home theater sound has a lot to do with relying on a professional not just for the installation process but also when selecting a unit.