3 Things You Should Never Go On Vacation Without

Going on vacation is an excellent way to reduce stress and increase your health overall. While it's a good idea to pack lightly no matter where you're traveling to, there are a few things that you shouldn't leave behind if you want to ensure comfort and convenience while on vacation. In addition to the clothes and bathing suits you plan to pack for your next vacation, here are three things you shouldn't leave home without:

A Good Book

With all of the intriguing activities you're planning for your vacation, it can be easy to forget about any downtime you'll face in the airport, on the plane, while waiting for a cab, or when standing in line for an attraction. By taking a good book along on vacation, you'll never be left bored or stressed out due to time delays that may be experienced.

If possible, bring along a book about the area you are visiting so you can entertain yourself and get to know the destination a little better at the same time. Digital form is best because you can stick your device in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go, but paperback or hardback books will work as long as you're willing to carry a backpack wherever you go.

A Prepaid Debit Card

Instead of taking your bank card and other financial cards with you on vacation, consider loading a prepaid debit card with the funds you plan to spend and bringing that along instead. If the card gets lost of stolen while you're on vacation, nobody will have access to your bank account or credit card information that you left back at home. It's a good idea to load only part of your funds for the trip before you leave, and have a trusted family member or friend load more funds as your vacation progresses so if you do lose the card, you won't lose all of your funds along with it.

A Charging Station

You may also find it helpful to bring along a phone charging station to ensure that all of your power needs are met while on vacation. Phone chargers are designed specifically to power Android and iPhone devices, so they can typically do a faster job than a wall outlet can. Many charging stations can be hooked up to the cigarette lighter in your rental vehicle, giving you power while on road trips exploring your vacation destination – if yours can't connect to the car, consider buying a new one that can. Your charger should also charge multiple phones simultaneously if you're traveling with more than one person.

These things may not seem very important when you're planning and prepping for an adventurous vacation, but you are sure to appreciate that you have brought them along once you reach your destination.  

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