What Advantages Make Cable TV A Great Choice For Home Television Service?

When choosing a type of television service, viewers normally have the options of getting satellite television, cable TV or streaming certain programs through companies that provide television service over the internet. While satellite television and internet streaming have become more popular in the last several years, cable TV is still a favorite form of television service in many households. These are some of the advantages that make cable TV a great choice for home television service.


Cable television is one of the most reliable television services on the market today. Satellite television depends on satellite signals to produce optimum viewing of television programs. When weather conditions are rainy or snowy, the signal can be affected, which can prevent satellite programming from working properly.

However, because cable TV does not rely on satellite signals to produce programming, weather conditions do not normally hinder the service. Even during a heavy snow storm, cable TV programming can be viewed as long as the cable lines are not broken.

Selection Of Programming 

Cable television also offers a wide variety of different types of programming. This includes basic cable stations, local channels, movie channels and cable access only channels. Cable customers normally have the option to choose only a basic package that includes basic cable, local stations and cable access only or they can add other popular movie channels for a small additional monthly fee. Cable TV also has a wider variety of programming than most internet streaming companies offer as well.

Bundling Services

Some cable television companies also offer customers the option of bundling cable TV service, cable phone service and cable internet service together at a very reasonable price. This saves a substantial amount of money when compared to paying for each service separately through different companies.

Another thing to consider when choosing your television service provider is that satellite companies commonly require customers to sign up for a two year contract of service. If the service is canceled before the two year period ends, customers may be charged a hefty fee for the cost of the satellite dish and receivers.

However, this is not always the case with cable television providers. Depending on the cable provider you choose, you may or may not be required to sign a contract. If you do not have to sign a contract and need to cancel your service, you may not be charged a large cancellation fee as long as the cable receiver box and any other equipment are returned in good working condition.

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