No Room For Amateurs: 3 Times When Your Business Really Needs IT Support Pros

Having competent, well-trained IT support staff is needed at 3 key times in your company's yearly operations. Here's what you need to know to have tech-savvy help available when you need it.   

You need IT experts when it's crunch time.

Whether you're harvesting grapes or building new homes, when you're up to your eyeballs in processing sales and making payroll for your busy season, you need an IT support team that will keep all of your systems running smoothly.

All sort of glitches can seize up production lines, sales registers, and e-commerce platforms. When every second of downtime costs you sales or production time, it's imperative that you have people who know how to access the specific areas of your system that are causing problems.

Don't wait for crunch times to hire or bring in your emergency IT crew. Invest in the training of expert troubleshooters who learn on your particular operating and communications systems before your frantic times. They'll know in advance how your system is supposed to run. IT techs who are already familiar with your system will get it up and running faster when there are issues. 

Call in IT pros when you're running an audit.

A knowledgeable IT tech or team will make a huge difference in accessing relevant documents and spreadsheets. This applies when your firm is being audited by an outside agency or parent company and when you're conducting your own internal audits.

If the IRS wants financial data, professional IT experts will know how to find and send that information without also sending accompanying data that is proprietary in nature. They protect information that should remain private while helping you comply with required transparency.

If you're trying to audit whether your outside IT team is meeting its service-level agreements (SLAs) that were agreed upon, you may want to bring in another independent IT service to verify you're getting your money's worth. If you suspect an IT tech is pulling some fast ones, and you're running an audit to prove it, make certain you have another IT pro with no conflicts of interest to help you find discrepancies. An independent IT support team will quickly discover what's really going on with any suspicious activity.

Social media climbing requires the best IT support.

If you want to expand your online presence and boost your sites rankings, you've got to know your way around online analytics and social media. If not, you'd better hire an IT support team that knows their way around the web. They understand the limits of software and how to tweak and scale it to work for your unique situation.

Before any of your departments start creating flipbooks, adding new software, or launching new websites, you need to be certain there are coordinated efforts to integrate software and other projects. Your IT tech person will analyze your company's computer and internet systems to make sure you have the capacity to meet goals. Then they'll help you optimize your web presence for all devices, choose the services that let you use your chosen media sites, and secure your system from malicious hacks and code.