Work With Pets In The Medical Field, Without The Schooling Of A Veterinarian

If you love working with animals and you think you want a career in the medical field, becoming a veterinary ultrasound technician may be the best option for you. If you don't think that you have what it takes to go through the schooling and training to become a veterinarian, this less-strenuous career is still a possibility.

This job allows you to help animals by discovering what is wrong with them, without having to spend years in a classroom. There are many different training programs available for this line of work, depending on where you live. Here are just a few benefits to going into this profession.

Schedule Your Own Hours

Many offices will allow you to pick the select hours you will in the office to do ultrasounds on animals. The pet owners will need to pick a time when you are in the office if you aren't already there at that time, so you can create your own work schedule. This is great if you only want to work part time, or if you want to manage your schedule around other offices.

Work in Multiple Offices

 If you are going to work a few days at one office, you could pick up a couple of days a week at another office. This allows you to work with twice as many animals, and you can make more money if you need to.

Travel Options

There may be times when large livestock or zoo animals can't be easily moved, and you may have to bring the ultrasound machine to them. You may want to spend the money to invest in the machine, so you can take the machine with you. The animals can get the images they need, without having to travel if it isn't safe.

Pets will Always Need Ultrasounds

There are pets in 62 percent of American households, and these pets are going to have medical concerns that may need examined with an ultrasound. This doesn't include livestock and other domestic animals that live outdoors. Like people, these animals will need treatment, and owners are willing to pay for what their pet needs. This is great job security.

If you aren't sure if you could work around animals full time, you may want to job shadow at a veterinarians office for a while, to see if you like it. You can be involved with animal health and safety without being a veterinarian, and being a veterinary ultrasound technician is a great choice.