Smarter Dialers, Smarter Sales

Is your sales team maximizing its potential, contacting leads promptly and closing most of the best deals?  Are you properly evaluating the performance of both your salespeople and the technology they use to identify, persuade, and understand their customers?  If you've been using the same customer relationship management software--complete with predictive dialer and simplistic, "sale-or-no-sale" performance measurement standards--for the last few years, then you're probably not doing business at full speed.  Don't despair, as you're not alone.  Studies have shown that:

  • 67% of sales representatives aren't hitting their marks
  • Waiting longer than just one hour to follow up on a web-generated lead drastically reduces the likelihood of making the sale
  • Though the average company spends around $2,200 per rep on sales technology, many companies believe they should be spending more.

So, what can you do to optimize your personnel and your technology?  What's the best way to invest in your organization's future, ensuring that you're not naturally deselected by technological evolution?  The smart money--currently about $12.8 billion per year--is on sales acceleration technology: power dialers, real-time intelligence gathering, and call performance metrics are the new key-terms for successful sales operations.

Smart Dialers, Smart Sales

First, you'll be one step ahead of many of your competitors if you simply know the difference between predictive dialers and power dialers.  Still very popular, the general public doesn't respond well to predictive dialers.  They are best remembered by the cold-call that a potential customer answers ... only to hear some pleasant music interspersed by an automated operator saying, "This is an important call.  Please hold for the next available representative."   How many people just hang up?  How many sales are lost by this robotic dialer?

With power dialing, however, real-time intelligence is gathered--usually from internet databases and queries--to generate promising (as opposed to merely possible) leads.  This allows reps to promptly contact potential new customers.  Furthermore, salespeople can receive personalized guidance from the system about the customer's questions, interests, and needs.  The latest search engine algorithms have advanced this method of data collection immeasurably, enabling servers and apps to essentially "read" and analyze content.  

Hectic Metrics

Why shouldn't your sales technology be evaluated as thoroughly as your employees?  Sales acceleration technology comes with power-dialing software and the tools to measure it appropriately.  The terminology can get pretty technical, but your sales team will be the better for it--and the software typically performs the calculations for you.

Successful sales strategies have come a long way in just the last few years.  Are you getting the most out of your sales department?  It's time to adopt smart software from a company like Electronic Voice Services, Inc. to accompany your smart workers!