5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Remote IT Support

Information technology (IT) support services are an integral part of any business. While you can do some computer work on your own, it isn't always the best business decision to make. When you need to have your computers upgraded, troubleshooting of your printers, or get repairs and maintenance, it helps when you can have an IT professional handle it for you. With remote IT support, you call up a remote company that does almost everything from their remote servers, instead of needing to staff IT on-site.

Here are the top five reasons to consider remote IT support;

5. Most Issues Are Fixed Remotely

A lot of issues with your computer systems, printers, servers, and technology in general do not need to have someone on-site attending to them. Even if you had IT support in your building, they would still do much of their work from the server in their own office. Because of this fact, remote IT support just makes more sense. You can call them up, and they will troubleshoot the issue from their office after connecting to your servers. Few things need to be done in your office.

4. You Can Travel and Get Support

Whether you are a small business owner working from home, or you tend to travel a lot for business, it can be very beneficial to have remote IT support. If you are on the other side of the country for business and your laptop starts having issues, you can't just walk down the hall and ask IT to take a look at it. Many computer issues are handled remotely, so you just call up your IT support company and let them connect to your laptop remotely.

They will try to figure out the problem and let you know if they can fix it while you are traveling. Unless it is a problem with the computer itself, hardware and software can usually be repaired no matter where you are. All you need is a decent Internet connection, which most hotels have.

3. You Save Money

Since you don't need upgrades or maintenance 40 hours a week, there is no reason to have an on-site IT support team being paid 40 hours a week. Remote IT support is cost effective for small businesses because you are only paying for hours when they are needed.

If you have a large corporation, this might be different for you as you have more of a need for continued computer support, but other businesses don't need around-the-clock assistance.

2. They Respond Quickly

Believe it or not, you can actually get faster response time with a remote IT support company, as opposed to one that is on-site. The on-site IT support team might be out of the office or busy working on another employee's computer when you need help. With remote IT support, there is always someone there to assist you, so you're not having to wait for help.

1. You Stay Productive

All of the above points help you stay productive. You don't lose precious time or resources when computers in the office need the software updated or if your servers have gone down and you need assistance. You only need to focus on your own work and that of your employees, and can let the remote IT support team handle the rest.