The Best Reasons To Choose The Toughest Outdoor Cell Phones

Cell phone technology has made the world a lot easier, especially for people working outdoors. In the past, calling home to see if you needed to drop in at the grocer when you get off from work meant finding a pay phone. Today, calling home is fast and easy, even if you are on a tractor digging ditches for utilities lines with both hands, or if you are high on a scaffold on a steel frame structure. However, the cell phone you drop in a mud puddle or drop several feet to the ground needs to be one you can pick back and use again and again as well.

What Makes A Rugged Phone Better For Outdoor Workers?

The tractor operator that needs to keep his phone in a pocket needs one that is not easily broken from sitting on it. The same tractor operator can use a cell phone that is not going to stop working if it slips out of a pocket and falls into a watery ditch. For outdoor workers, a lightweight, thin phone is not the best way to go. The money spent on a rugged phone once can be a huge savings when compared to the many purchase one outdoor worker may make for several thin, flimsier style phone--hands-free waterproof phones are more ideal.

Features To Look For In An Outdoor Phone

When making choices for a mobile devise that will be used a great deal outdoors, one of the first features you might consider is it being waterproof. Outdoor air, in every season, can be humid, causing moisture to collect in the air that could ruin the phone being in it for long periods of time. While dropping a phone directly into water is bad and a high risk for outdoor workers, humidity can be an even greater, more constant problem, especially for slim phones with water stickers on their batteries.  If enough condensation from humidity reaches a water sticker, turning it red, that phone will not be covered under its warranty. Other features to look for in an outdoor cell phone include:

  • A strong rubber casing for allowing you to have a better grip on your phone.
  • A long battery life is essential for the phone that is outdoors and far from a charger.
  • Built in torch
  • A camera feature could be handy for many outdoor workers for proving certain aspects of a job before a tractor gets a hold of it.
  • A warranty that guarantees outdoor durability. Always take the time to read through a warranty before making a final choice about your purchase.
  • Loud ringtones that can be heard over the roar of heavy machinery.

For the outdoor worker, choosing a durable, outdoor phone has many benefits, the best one being able to call out from anywhere, at any time, without a lot of fuss and hassle.